Unity Roguelike 2d Game Tutorial

I decided to do a little Unity tutorial. This is half a passion project because of how simple it is, but it's also practically demonstrates that I've got a bit of experience with C# code and working with game frameworks. The main project difficulty to overcome was updating the code from Unity 4.6 to 5, that was easy enough.

This is probably my favorite project that I've worked on for its potential. The Unity engine is pretty slick, and it's platform agnostic. I can see a lot of opportunity with this engine.

I also decided to use Visual Studio Code to complete this project. Code was everything I could ask for from a code editor, and it's extension for C# worked fairly well for this project. I did not use Visual Studio Community because it seemed a bit overkill for a project of this scale.

I have not yet extended the project beyond its basic form, I'm thinking similar code will find its way into a game soon. The original project is located here. My code repository is located on my github. It is not my original work, merely a proof that I completed the tutorial.