Cisco Dynamic Reverse Proxy

The Cisco Senior design project was done over two semesters in 2018 with the help of Matthew King and Will Rooney. For our project, we had to create a dynamic reverse proxy that would add web pages as they were created with the Amazon Web Service.

The initial phase of the project was to create a query to Amazon Web Services that allowed us to see which projects where being placed up by the Cisco Development team and were being served. We implimented this using the Python API for AWS.

To show how our technology worked without exposing Cisco's assets, we built a simulation using Nodejs. We implimented a React website to handle the display of simulated web pages served by our server. The web pages themselves are hosted on Heroku. Our backend was handled by Express.js.

The project is hosted on Heroku, which performed admirably for a small student project. Because we used free hosting for the project, there may be a 30 second delay before the web applications are served. Additionally, since the scope was only to show a simulation of the service, the application does not keep data. In reality this listing would likely be kept in an AWS bucket.

The Instance Server displays a simulated list of running application instances on an AWS server, and was my primary responsibility for the second half of the project. The Event Generator was created by William Rooney. Matthew King handled the supporting graphics and CSS styling of the application.

For more information, see the github repositories of this project.