About This Website

This website was made using a nodejs managed project. There's about 5 to 10 pieces of technology but it mainly revolves around Gulp, Nunjucks, and Bootstrap.

Nodejs is incredibly useful for managing a project like this for two reasons: first it lets a developer access a large ecosystem of useful resources. Second, since it uses the V8 Javascript compiler as its basis it delivers meaningful results quickly.

Gulp is an automation tool. It translates all the busywork of creating and managing a production environment into neat little javascript script. This automation is important, since it makes creating a website a single developer effort.

Nunjucks is a templating engine for javascript based of Jinja2. My programming language of choice for pleasure and dogfooding is Python. Using Nunjucks let me create templates with nearly 0 learning time, with the satisfaction that the skills I learned would transfer over to a site made with Django or Flask.

Bootstrap 4 is used to create a reasonable html layout. Even when working with a relatively simple design, the importance of a css framework like it can't be overstated. There are hundreds of defaults that Bootstrap overrides and resets to bring a common view between different web browsers.

The end result is a bunch of static webpages and a neat little menu. Using these tools gives me full control of how the content and layout of my pages are presented, while still letting the pages look good.